writing-on-beachDilsa Saunders Bailey, aka simplydilsa, is the ever-changing, ever transforming author of The Sperling Chronicles, a romantic suspense series loaded with dark and deadly twists. There are two novels currently, Dreams Thrown Away and Split Images. Number three is getting closer to release, so you may want to strap yourself into a chair. You don’t want to fall out when you read number three. Hurry up and get the first two. You will want to be ready for the next wild ride.

Lucky for you, Dilsa’s love for telling stories is about to spill onto the pages of simplydilsa.com. You may have visited her previous website as she rambled on about a variety of things, some of which only made sense to her. But, that’s about to change!

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Oh, yeah, you clicked this page to find out a little bit about Dilsa. She is a semi-retired Medical Services Professional who used to keep track of doctors and their antics. That’s pretty scary. Right? So she can help you choose the right one for you.

Born in South Carolina, she considers herself a hybrid native of many states including New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Though she now resides in Georgia, she’s lived from north to south and traveled extensively from east to west. She gets along with everybody, especially with those inhabitants of her imagination!

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