Kalina Denise Harris is the daughter of a preacher. She’s sheltered and lives in a small town where everybody knows everybody. She can’t wait to graduate and head off to college. While preparing, tragedy strikes and her dreams are put on hold. Will she be able to put her life back together and proceed with her dreams?

Dilsa Saunders Bailey takes you on a journey of a sheltered young lady forced to grow up fast. The character development allows you to get a feel the individual’s personalities. The twists and turns keep you on edge. The ending leaves you wanting more! ljh (The Author’s Hideaway) *****



A young boy disobeys his grandfather and leaves the house. While out, he comes across a body hanging from a tree. The body was removed and later discovered the individual was still living, barely. The man was nursed back to health. The new question now is “who is this man?”

The Sperling men are very mysterious. Split Images take you on another journey of scandals. It started out a little slow. Once it picks up, you find yourself second guessing yourself. Dilsa Saunders Bailey does it again. ljh (The Author’s Hideaway) ****



Dreams Thrown Away on 11/21/16:

Catrinia__________ I remember that book… I love that book.
Marie _________ I am 1/2 way through that book, so I am glad I already have the second book. You better get book three finished! 🙂
 Trena ___________ I sooo remember this book…. Couldn’t put it down…. Great read and oh it kept me locked in.
Fernande ________ Impatiently waiting on #3
 Lisa _______ Still in my top ten

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