Ashton Taylor Sperling – Intense by nature, spoiled by his wealthy grandfather, a man who takes what he wants and believes it belongs to him regardless of anyone else’s claims. Ashton is the oldest twin, born first with the belief of privilege until he meets the woman of his dreams and has to fight everyone else who wants her, too.

Asa Thomas Sperling

Kali Sperling – Born Kalina Denise Harris, but known as Kali. Briefly and illegally married to Marcus Roberson. Later becomes and continues to be the wife of Ashton Taylor Sperling. She is the mother of four children, Katie, Ash Jr, Adam, and Kacie and the matriarch of The Sperling Family. Kali Sperling knows exactly who and what she wants out of life and nothing is going to stop her.

Micah Sperling – Bald, tall, and chocolate and beautiful. The loyal, loving brother of Ashton, his best friend, and confidante. They will do anything for each other.

Jordan Banks – Famous saxophone player, Philadelphia’s King of Music. Loved by the public for his soulful sounds, but loved more by his wealthy and high-powered patrons for his underground business. Jordan’s sale of beautiful bodies trained by him and his favored grandson, Ashton, is the source for his legacy of wealth.

Billy Banks Sperling

Ricardo Sperling aka ‘Ricky’

Charles Sperling aka ‘Chico’

Ruby Sperling

Anjuli Wyatt

Tawny Elliott aka ‘Elliott’

Elinor Banks aka ‘Ms. Elle’

Kathryn Charlotte Sperling aka ‘Katie’

aka ‘Kacie’

Ashton Taylor Sperling, Jr aka ‘AJ’ and aka ‘Ash’

Adam Sperling

Arthur Jordan Sperling aka ‘Artie’

Troy Lucas

Ray Rivera

Bobby Rivera

Elizabeth O’Reilly Sperling aka ‘Redd’


Natassia Kurjak

Jack Pulaski

Charlotte Harris

Rev. Alonzo Harris aka ‘Preach’









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