Out of the Fog of 2016 and into the Clear Light of 2017


DON’T GET ME  wrong, I have much to celebrate and to which to be grateful in the year of 2016. But, for most of it, I experienced a feeling of being stuck. I wasn’t moving forward, at least not in the physical sense. As I look back, I realize that the feeling of standing still was merely a time of reflection and a time to put myself on the right track or should I say WRITE track. So here I come 2017, word by word, manuscript by manuscript, blog by blog, and more. Each word I write means I am on the WRITE journey. Where it takes me no longer matters. What matters is WRITE now and what I am going to do with NOW. What are you going to do with 2017?


Dilsa Saunders Bailey, aka "simplydilsa" is a writer and speaker sharing stories to help others embrace life living one story at a time. She is the author of a romantic, suspense series called "The Sperling Chronicles" and a self-help book called "A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Right Doctor."

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