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So You Wanna Write a Book? (Speech/Workshop/Inspirational Keynote)

There is a book in all of us, whether it is just the one hard copy you want to place proudly on your shelf or that dream of being on the New York Times Bestseller’s list. If you write that book, what next? If you are the impatient type like I am, you may want to consider self-publishing. If you are the control freak, you may want to consider self-publishing. If you enjoy the details of a process, yep, you may want to consider self-publishing. Let me tell you how I developed Good Show Publications and launched three books. I am now working on number four. It’s almost ready for an editor. Book me to speak with your group and I will be frank about the pros and cons of self-publishing. If you need more help, Good Show Publications offers self-publishing coaching and services so you won’t have to walk the journey alone.

Things Your Doctor Never Told You Because You Never Asked

We are all accountable for our own health. It’s our daily decisions that compound into our current health status unless we are genetically or predisposed otherwise. However, since you are doing the best you can why not make sure the doctor that helps you navigate the waters of wellness is the right one for you. After over 20 years in healthcare’s field of credentialing, Dilsa S. Bailey, CPMSM has shared a few tips in her book “A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Right Doctor.” She will share four of the most important tips with your audience to help you find the right healthcare partner for you.



Need a little guidance? Maybe a lot of guidance? Contact me for a free consultation. Let’s go from there. I can walk you through the whole process. Make 2017 the year you finally release that book in you!








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