My Own Game of Thrones (GOT)

I am addicted to The Game of Thrones television series. So, of course, I wanted to eventually read the books. The other day, I finished A Song of Fire and Ice. It’s a long tome so beautifully written, I don’t think I skipped a word. Yeah, I know the books and the television series have been out for ages, but I am consistently juggling projects, reading, too. Maybe not whole books at a time, but doing my best to keep well informed and well read. But, why was I so interested in reading the GOT series? My goal is to transition The Sperling Chronicles into a television series. So just say I am studying and learning by picking the best to imitate.

First, I was curious to see how well-adapted the screenplay was to the book. This first book was spot on for the first season of GOT with a few minor tweaks needed to keep the screenplay moving. Secondly, I wanted to see how did the author manage so many characters. My books have lots of characters, but not quite as many as George RR Martin’s series. One of the things I noticed in GOT was that some of the characters had similar names as do mine without any confusion of who is who. And last, I wanted to know if his characters were as vivid on the page as they were on my television screen. Now it may be that I have these real live faces, voices, and mannerisms etched in my mind, but I believe his words jumped off the page in their descriptions as well. It was as if I was eavesdropping while standing in my living room window witnessing the treachery, the acts of kindness and madness, as well as the startling evidence of old magic and myths. I am sure by now it’s not a surprise, I gave this book five stars in my review.

So, what is next for me? One of these days, I am going to read the second in the series and most likely all of them. But, for now, I want to write a screenplay to warrant a five-star review from George RR Martin.

Dilsa Saunders Bailey, aka "simplydilsa" is a writer and speaker sharing stories to help others embrace life living one story at a time. She is the author of a romantic, suspense series called "The Sperling Chronicles" and a self-help book called "A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Right Doctor."

aka "simplydilsa"