Freedom is something we should never take for granted nor deny anyone else.

4thJuly-frank-mckenna-184340-unsplashGrowing up this was one of the happiest days of the year. It was only second to Christmas. This was the day that family and friends got together to barbecue over hot grills, hang out in the hot sun, play games, and to dance, dance, dance until it was time for the fireworks. The loud, brilliant bursts of color would prance over the night sky reminding us to file in our memory banks the good times we had celebrating our country’s birthday. I am sure many families and friends are still doing the same, some adding morning races, parades, as well as still preparing for that great backyard barbecue, that big roasting pit where the pig has been turned all night, or the trying to get to the park for the perfect spot and the widest picnic tables. Either way, this is still a day that needs to be celebrated with the one common thing that we all share as residents and citizens in this country, our freedom! Freedom is something we should never take for granted nor deny anyone else. Happy Independence Day, America. May we never forget why our country became a free country!
Dilsa Saunders Bailey is an independent author who has not only self-published three novels and a non-fiction book; she has spent most of her medical services career writing policies, bylaws, operations manuals, and more over the last 27 years. Dilsa is now coaching writers through the self-publishing journey and helping them to set up their businesses using their books as a marketing tool to build their platforms. If you want to learn more about how she can help you, contact her at dilsa@simplydilsa.com or join her blog below to keep up to date with her books and seminars.


Author: simplydilsa

Dilsa Saunders Bailey, aka, simplydilsa, is the author of the sensual, romantic suspense series called The Sperling Chronicles. Dilsa blogs, speaks, and coaches other independent authors about writing, publishing, and life "Living Life One Story at a Time."

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