WOW – It’s Been 12 Years!!!

Wow, I can’t believe it was 12 years ago when my first book was published. I remember being giddy and excited putting my hands on that first glossy copy of it. Now, the time has passed, and though the book was later joined by two sequels, I allowed it to languish. I was always busy with my current profession and business, and with family, I didn’t take time to market it. So if I didn’t tell anybody about it. Of course, no one knows about it. The Georgia Writers Association liked it, and most of my readers loved it. Today, as I thanked everyone for congratulating me on my work anniversary for being a writer on LinkedIn, I went back and looked at the evolution of my first book. I am sharing the covers with you. Which do you like best?

As it turns out, I became pretty much what I set out to be as a writer. It’s just that I write policies and procedures, operations manuals, and millions of emails for a living. Not romantic suspense, though I am the very proud author of the titillating, romantic suspense novels that everyone is surprised that I wrote. If you want to read your entertainment instead of turning on Netflix, get a copy. Start with “Dreams Thrown Away” and have fun. Oh, and don’t forget a review or even a note on which cover you liked best. Thank you!

Which cover do you like best?
Which cover do you like best?

Author: simplydilsa

Dilsa Saunders Bailey, aka, simplydilsa, is the author of the sensual, romantic suspense series called The Sperling Chronicles. Dilsa blogs, speaks, and coaches other independent authors about writing, publishing, and life "Living Life One Story at a Time."

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