My great-grandmother was a fantastic storyteller. When I look back, I realize she was my inspiration to become a writer. But, as life took over with corporate jobs and family, my dream was diverted. I erroneously thought I had the time to pursue my first dream, so I didn’t try to make the time. Deep down I had the crazy belief that as a writer I couldn’t make a living. But, one day as I was preparing for a Toastmaster’s speech, I realized that I had been writing my entire life for somebody, just not the audience I’d envisioned. It was true, I hadn’t been writing the great stories, but tons of dry policies and other documents for the companies I worked for instead. Then it hit me; I needed to write what I wanted to write, stories. And I needed to do that NOW.

So here I am writing to entertain you and to inspire you. I am finally committed to keeping the flow going. Hope you enjoy! Start by checking out The Sperling Chronicles, my romantic suspense novels. Or, order a copy of A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Right Doctor to help you choose the right provider. Then drop me an email or post a review on Amazon or Goodreads! Can’t wait to hear from you.

Dilsa Saunders Bailey ‘aka’ simplydilsa

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